“We get to speak to a lot of people who are considering the switch to an inflatable boat”. These are the words of Mike Orsmond, Founding Director of RIB Force Inflatable Boats, and his eyes light up with this reality.

The reason why he is happy is because Australia is becoming much more serious about making the change to inflatable boats.  “For many who are looking at the conventional boring and even ugly looking tinny or a fibreglass boat, the inflatable boats offers so much more in terms of use and comfort as well as a modern elegant look.

The safety features of an inflatable boat will provide the confidence needed to enjoy boating in a responsible manner without losing the thrill. Inflatables are very easy to handle and provide great tracking as the RIB design allows a sharp V without the threat of capsizing. This also radically reduces the shock effect of hitting a wave as the tubes act as a giant shock absorber.  The risk of boating in large waves is greatly reduced in an inflatable because there is a permanent fender to stop damage.

For general use the inflatable boat has many advantages over conventional craft.

The deep V, allows easy penetration through the worst chop and slop. The huge inherent buoyancy allows payloads up to three times, when compared to tinnies.

A 4-metre inflatable boat can accommodate 10 people. In comparison, a 4-metre tinny can accommodate 4 or 5.

The design of an inflatable boat allows for a very shallow draft allowing an inflatable boat to go where other cannot in shallow water. When off shore, the safety features of an inflatable boat enables it to go where other craft are prevented due to adverse wave conditions. This is why the navy, police, rescue use and prefer inflatable boats.

Inflatables allow a wide range of choice of boat designs, from open inflatables to sophisticated centre consoles. The range includes racing boats, fishing boats, elegant and stylish tenders, general conveyance and a host of other applications. As an example, an open RIB allows the younger spear fisherman to venture off shore in a safe practical boat, which is perfectly suited for the spear fishermen’s usage. It is extremely easy to get into an inflatable when compared to getting into a tinny and this is one of the many reasons why an inflatable RIB is the vessel of choice.

Another option is a completely collapsible inflatable which will allow the intrepid 4×4 enthusiast, to go to places off the map and explore. There is even a collapsible RIB for those that require larger boats with rigid hulls which allows for serious exploring. There are inflatable options that make a small bundle, which is easy to store, and when required, can then simply and easily turn into a serious boat capable of getting you where you want to go and do what you want to do.

If you want to tow a skier – no problem. Just want to have a family day boat – there is an inflatable that will keep all ages happy. An inflatable is perfect for an early morning or afternoon cruise with a light refreshment. There is an inflatable boat guaranteed to offer you every kind of experience.

It is important when it comes to inflatable boats to consult an inflatable boat specialist able to offer the very inflatables from the world’s leading manufacturers. In the past, there have some who have been swayed by a cheap and nasty price of a budget inflatable boat, only to discover that the standard of the boat and finish is simply not designed to last.

RIB Force Inflatables has been in the business for over 25 years with an ever increasing and loyal client base. RIB Force Inflatables stands by the quality of the range of inflatable boats we sell from the world’s leading manufacturers including America’s number one AB Inflatables as well as Aurora Inflatables and Mercury Inflatables. RIB Force is also the Gold Coast’s Number one Mercury Dealer and our service and repairs division is simply the best.

The RIB Force Inflatables repair centre is one of the largest in Australia for inflatables, and is constantly dealing with requests to repair the cheap Chinese inflatables which in many instances are incapable of repair.

Unfortunately, some of these cheap and nasty inferior inflatables look very similar. It is only people with experience and expertise capable of recognising inflatables made with inferior materials and poor production methods.

Conversely, AB inflatables are made using only the very best quality materials and superior construction procedures.

RIB Force Inflatables offers the biggest range of and quality inflatable boats in Australia. This together with the best service and repair facilities and an experienced crew guarantees you the very best boating experience.