Aurora Adventure Inflatable Kayak K 480

Aurora Adventure Inflatable Kayak K 480

The Aurora Adventure kayak for sale is the ultimate adventure toy. It is ideal for the exploring enthusiast whether it be camping, 4x4, rafting or exploring the Great Barrier Reef. Built tough, it can even withstand rapids.

  • Advanced 100% seam welding of inflatable tubes to obtain extra safety
  • Strong armed German PVC fabric gives perfect protection against stones
  • Unique nose shape helps cut through waves
  • Easy to inflate, dry and transport
  • Rucksack
  • High Pressure Inflatable Floor
  • 2 inflatable seats with Back Rests
  • Standard pump

Colours available; single colour, blue, yellow, green or red.

We have Aurora Adventure K 480 in stock with high pressure Inflatable floor and inflatable seats from : $1,599.00

Double paddles, 2 piece from $99.00 each.


  • Electric pump
  • Paddles
  • Backpack instead of rucksack

Specifications: (K-480)

Overall Length


Overall Beam


Tube Diameter


Number of Chambers


Weight (Preliminary)


Persons Capacity


Dimension of pack

95cm x 45cm x 35cm