Sailing catamarans have grown in popularity internationally and perhaps even more in Australia. This has happened due to the benefits one gets with the sailing cat. With the growth in the number of sailing catamarans the number, of AB inflatable tenders on the sailing cats have grown as well. If you look at a collection of sailing cats together the dominant inflatable of choice is the AB inflatable tender. Why ? – The recognized value of AB in terms of design, build and quality. It is the only choice for the serious sailor.

Sailing cats have a wide range of users from sailors requiring high performance racing, sailing cats ; to those who want to travel the oceans in comfort and explore far and distance islands.  AB Inflatables have a number of different ranges to suit all these demands which includes open as well as centre console tenders in both aluminium and fibre glass hulls.

For the fanatical sailing cat racer , who will throw his wife overboard just to save weight , there is the AB Ultra Light or AB Lammina ranges , featuring a light weight aluminium RIB construction. For those wanting a light fibre glass range there is the AB Ventus range which offers a big payload and ability to carry heavier horsepower. For those who want a heavier tender there is the choice of the AB Navigo range with its fine features. Both the Lammina and Navigo ranges have the benefit of the bow locker engineered to accommodate a fuel tank in the bow.

While the above AB tenders are open tenders there are also a number of centre console ranges which AB offers in both fibre glass and aluminium. For the person requiring a lighter hull range there is the AB Alumina range or a lighter fibre glass -the AB Mares range

For the sailors who want a heavier centre console in the super yacht style, there is the option of the AB Nautilius or Oceanus ranges.

RIB Force Inflatables have supplied tenders to numerous cats of various descriptions for sailors with varying requirements. RIB Force Inflatables are able to help you with your tender choice. www.RIBForceInflatables.